Attorney Truman Has Been Practicing in the Medina, Ohio Area for 16 Years

Vance: My name is Vance Truman. I'm a bankruptcy attorney in Medina, Ohio. I've been practicing bankruptcy law in Medina, Ohio, for over 16 years. Bankruptcy is the primary focus of my practice.

A Solo Practitioner, Attorney Truman's Practice Evolved in Time to Focus on Bankruptcy Issues

Interviewer: Why did you choose bankruptcy as an area of law over anything else?

Vance: I'm a sole practitioner, so when I first started my practice I did it all. I handled criminal defense, divorce, personal injury, and workers comp. But then as my practice gradually evolved, I was guided into this area.

Not Just a Case Number: Attorney Truman Devotes Individual Attention to His Clients

Once I started filing more and more bankruptcy cases, I discovered my clients enjoyed my representation. They liked the way I treated them and I treated their case with a personal touch, because in my office, I'm the only one that's handled your case.

Eventually, I was getting enough bankruptcies to stop doing everything else and just do nothing bankruptcy work.

Attorney Truman Has Handled 2,600 Cases over the Last 16 Years

Interviewer: How many cases do you think you've done over 16 years, approximately?

Vance: I would say it's over 2,600 cases in the last 16 years. As far as the number of clients involved in the bankruptcy process, the number is probably close to 4,000 people that I've helped to file bankruptcy