Does Experience Matter to you? Attorney Truman Has Helped More than 4,000 Individuals File for Bankruptcy

Vance: It's a horrible feeling because this is a very personal, private matter and I give them my personal attention. I try to make my clients feel that this endeavor is going to help them out. My service is very compassionate. I know what I'm doing. I've helped over 4,000 people file for bankruptcy.

Attorney Truman Has Been Practicing Since 1998 and for the Last Ten Years Has Exclusively Handled Bankruptcy Matters

I've been doing practicing law since 1998. I have exclusively practiced bankruptcy for the last ten years. I know what I'm doing and I give them personal service and my office consists of just me and my paralegal Nicole, she's been with me for seven years so she's very compassionate. We're very compassionate and we try to make people feel at ease because they're nervous to be filing bankruptcy. I have people crying in my office every day and I completely understand how they feel.

Interviewer: It seems as if you are an attorney with heart. How often do you hear that? I didn't think to ask how bankruptcy would affect people who are on such a limited income.

Bankruptcy Offers Individuals a Fresh Financial Start and Boosts the Economy because after Recovery, People Can Again Make Major Purchases

Vance: Bankruptcy can help everybody, if you're in debt, and people do recover. You have to. I think bankruptcy helps the economy because it will free people up to purchase homes, purchase automobiles, to purchase major appliances because if a purchaser is overburdened with debt, they can't get a home loan, they can't buy a car.

If Your Income Is Dependent on Domestic Support, It Can Not Be Touched by Creditors

Interviewer: What about people who are dependent on Social Security?

Vance: If an individual's only income is domestic support, child support and spouse support, the creditors can't generally touch that. This is a very rewarding area of law for me, okay, because I do help many people who really feel they are in a hopeless situation.

Bankruptcy Is a Rapid Way to Change Your Financial Future

Bankruptcy provides an opportunity to change your financial future quickly if you file bankruptcy and learn to become financially prudent.