Preparing: What Paperwork Is Required?

Interviewer: Now, you've touched on this, the paperwork that they need to assemble. I want to make sure I caught all of those. Can you just list out again what kind of paperwork they need or financial arrangement they need to make while talking to you?

Vance: Yes, two years of tax returns, six months of pay stubs, two months of bank statements, I'd like to have proof of homeowners insurance if they own a home, proof of automobile insurance and copies of your bills or collection letters, whatever you have. If you're self-employed then I'll need, if you're not a W-2 employee, information about your business, a profit and loss statement as well as balance sheet.

Self-Employed Individuals Also Qualify for Bankruptcy Filing

Interviewer: Bankruptcy is okay whether you're self-employed or a W-2 employee. It's not solely dependent upon having what they call a real job.

Vance: Correct.