Why Should You Consider Retaining Attorney Truman to Handle Your Bankruptcy Filing?

Interviewer: My last question is going to be all what do you say to potential clients that ask you what makes you so different from the next bankruptcy attorney? Is your approach different from other bankruptcy attorneys?

Attorney Truman Believes That Great Attention to Detail Ensures a Successful Bankruptcy Filing for His Clients

Vance: I handle their case from start to finish. I personally work on the questionnaire with my clients. I attend the hearing with them. With many other attorneys, when the client comes in, they'll let their paralegal or legal assistant do the questionnaire with them. Some of them even let them do the initial consultation.

Do You Want to Be More than a Case Number? Attorney Truman Personally Handles Each Aspect of a Bankruptcy Filing from Start to Finish

I handle the case from start to finish. I am a solo practitioner. Many of the big firms have 10 to 20 lawyers and the client is going to see a different attorney each appointment. I can't tell you how many times I'm sitting in a creditors meeting and I'll have attorneys walk in and have to announce their client's name because they never met them before.

Interviewer: That has to be a horrible feeling.