High Interest Debts

Put Your Trust in an Experienced Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney

High-interest credit card and signatory loan debt is a slippery slope if one payment is missed. Suddenly, your financial picture is unmanageable with late and over-limit fees and increased interest being added to your debt every month.

Debt settlement companies may promise you the moon and the stars, yet fail to deliver. Bankruptcy is a legal process operated through the courts with a focus on protecting your rights. At the law office of Vance P. Truman, Attorney at Law, we help our clients discharge or reorganize their high-interest credit card debt.

As your past-due amounts increase, the telephone rings more and your mailbox fills with numerous notices and threats of garnishment and lawsuits. We understand what you are going through. Contact us at 330-591-4729.

Resolving Your Debt Problems Requires a Bankruptcy Attorney

Do not try to resolve high-interest credit card debts on your own if you are behind in payments. Do not put your trust into a debt settlement company claiming to slash your debts through negotiation with your creditors. Contact Vance P. Truman, the founder of our Medina, Ohio-based bankruptcy law firm. He will serve as your dedicated legal advocate by resolving your high-interest debt problems and protecting your consumer rights with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.

Solutions to longtime, high-interest debt problems can begin with one keystroke. A bankruptcy filing stops all collection actions and ends the potential for lawsuits or wage garnishment.

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