Medical Bills

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Not only are medical bills a common problem that leads people to file for bankruptcy, the growing debt from illness or injury can force the most financially stable person to seek protection under the bankruptcy code. At the law office of Vance P. Truman, Attorney at Law, we often represent clients who have never had financial problems before. Yet, sudden diagnoses or serious accidents have led them to seek debt discharges or a repayment plans through bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy can happen to anyone, regardless of your income or style of managing your finances. Costly medical problems can destabilize a once stable life. For help, contact us at 330-441-4673.

Medical Problems Made Worse by Financial Problems

Adding financial problems to a physical illness or injury only makes a bad situation worse. While you progress in your recovery, the medical bills start to show up in your mailbox. One invoice becomes multiple medical bills. Initial notices become demands for payment. Your telephone starts to ring as collection actions grow more aggressive.

Protect Your Rights Without Shame or Fear of Judgment

There is no shame in filing for bankruptcy. It is a legal process that protects your rights to discharge your debt through Chapter 7 or secure a payment plan through Chapter 13. You will not be refused future treatment from a doctor or entry into a hospital emergency room because of a filing.

At Vance P. Truman, Attorney at Law, we will not judge or criticize you for financial troubles. We will only provide compassionate advocacy when you need it most.

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