Tax Debts

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There is no more aggressive collector than the Internal Revenue Service. Their power to secure past-due tax debt through levies on bank accounts and garnishment of wages is well known. However, if you think nothing can stop them, you are mistaken. Like any other creditor, the IRS must abide by the laws involving bankruptcy protection.

At the law office of Vance P. Truman, Attorney at Law, we understand the fear and intimidation Ohio residents feel when trying to resolve matters with the IRS. Our job is to place you on an even playing field and protect you from overly-aggressive collection actions.

If you have old tax obligations and the IRS is threatening to collect through levies, liens and garnishments, contact us at 330-591-4729 for information on how bankruptcy can secure the solutions you need.

You Can Discharge or Reorganize Your Tax Debts

Tax debts that are over three years old with returns filed since that time can be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Newer debts or those from non-filed returns can be put into a Chapter 13 payment plan, putting a stop to interests and penalties that accrue. Instead of facing various collection options, you can now look forward to the end of tax obligations or their reorganization into one monthly payment.

Do Not Hesitate in Protecting Your Rights to Tax Debt Relief

Take action now before liens, levies and garnishments become a major part of your life. Even the odds against you when facing off against such a powerful government entity. Call founder Vance P. Truman today.

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