Putting People’s Financial Worries Behind Them

Creditors Cannot Garnish Social Security

Interviewer: You said you worked with a World War II veteran. Is there a point in the typical American’s life when they’re going to have to consider bankruptcy as an option?

Vance Truman: This client, I told him he didn’t have to file bankruptcy. He was on Social Security. Creditors cannot garnish Social Security. I said to him, “You can file bankruptcy, but you don’t have to. You could just tell them that you’re on Social Security.”

But the problem is the creditors can still try to collect. They could still sue you, but they can’t garnish anything. A lot of people that are receiving Social Security only go ahead and file bankruptcy, because they don’t want the harassment of all the creditors.

I told him when he came in, I said, “You don’t have to file,” but he said, “Look. I can’t stand the phone calls. I just want to get rid of all this.”

Interviewer: They’re going to find you.

Vance Truman: Right. Yes, they will find you.