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Let us help you avoid wage garnishment

The deeper that you get into debt, the more serious the consequences become. One of the most serious is wage garnishment.

Ideally, you will be able to avert this ramification of your debt problems before it gets to this point. However, we understand our clients' reluctance to reach out for assistance in the early phases of financial distress. Even if your wages are already subject to garnishment, we may still be able to be of assistance.

Help! I'm deeply in debt and can't find my way out

Many of us have been there, overwhelmed by mounting piles of debts we are unable to pay down. It can be daunting to realize that you have few alternatives left to help you climb out of the financial pit.

But, sometimes, you may have options that you haven't yet considered. However, it may be necessary to start thinking outside of the box. Below are some debt relief suggestions you may want to try.

Don't worry, bankruptcy is not scary

Your debt spiraled out of control in recent years. Maybe you had a medical emergency. Maybe you lost your job and still needed to pay the bills. Things outside of your control created a lot of unexpected debt, and now you're looking into your options.

One option, you know, is to declare bankruptcy. However, like many people, that's a scary idea to you. It feels intimidating. You don't know where to start. You don't want to make any mistakes.

What are the requirements for Chapter 13 bankruptcy eligibility?

Before deciding to commit to a bankruptcy filing, you will need to go through the process of choosing which bankruptcy Chapter to file for. This is not always simple, because you will need to decide which bankruptcy Chapter would work best for you, and figure out whether you are eligible.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a common option for many private individuals because it allows them to pay off their debts using income. It is often more informally known as a wage earner's plan because it is possible for individuals to pay off the bulk of their debts by using their earnings over time. This has the bonus of meaning that debtors do not necessarily need to liquidate any of their existing assets.

Will Chapter 7 get rid of all debts?

The short way to describe Chapter 7 bankruptcy is simple: It eliminates your debt after you liquidate some of your assets to pay off some of what you owe.

As with many things, though, using the simple answer leaves out some key points. You really want to consider this from all sides so that you can make the right decision for you.

Ohio town may add new judge to handle garnishment cases

People end up in debt for many reasons. Most of them, such as bad investments or big purchases, happened because people tried to make life better for themselves and their families. Life can feel a lot worse when extreme debt leads to wage garnishment.

This process can take the guts out of paychecks and cause a chain reaction of financial issues for people who are already struggling with money. But there are also limits to how wage garnishment is allowed to affect income. Many states, including Ohio, limit garnishment to a certain percentage of a paycheck's total. A few ensure a flat amount to guarantee coverage for cost of living.

There are alternatives to foreclosure

The real estate and property data company ATTOM Data Solutions published a report last month that shows that foreclosure rates declined significantly in both the Akron and Cleveland metro areas during the first half of 2019. This is the opposite of what has happened in many other major cities across the country that have seen a significant increase in foreclosure filings during this same period.

ATTOM's data shows that during the first six months of 2019, there were only 1,147 foreclose filings in the Akron metro area, which includes Portage and Summit counties. There were 5,312 filings during that same period back in 2008. Just last year, there were 1,361 during the first half of the year.

Learn how to live free of debt

Are you struggling to keep your head above water to stay out of debt? If so, it can be incredibly frustrating to try to manage your finances.

Although it is overwhelming, you have the power to climb out of the pit of debt and emerge onto stronger financial ground. The following tips may be helpful to you on your journey to fiscal stability.

Staying positive when you get a foreclosure notice

Getting a foreclosure notice is not what anyone wants or what they plan for when they buy their home. But it is something that happens to thousands of people every year, often due to factors that are completely out of their control.

It's easy to let that notice feel overwhelming and devastating, but that often just makes it harder to deal with it. Staying positive can help you tremendously. But how can you do it?

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