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A bankruptcy doesn't affect everyone's job prospects

Young professionals often find themselves between a rock and a hard place. When they first graduate, they often struggle to find employment. This leads many down a path of debt. Creditors come knocking. Many consider filing bankruptcy for a fresh start. They hesitate in filing for it out of fear for how it may affect their job prospects though.

Millions of Americans that have filed for bankruptcy have gone on to rebuild their credit. Many haven't done it at the beginning of their careers though. Others have done so in a less technologically-inclined era. Many of them weren't subject to extensive background and credit checks before a job offer was extended to them.

If you've already secured employment, then you'll be happy to know that the Bankruptcy Code includes some anti-discrimination provisions in it. It's illegal for your employer to try to reduce your job responsibilities or to try and demote you just because they find out that you filed for bankruptcy. They're prohibited from reducing your salary or firing you too.

Although laws protect you if you file for bankruptcy once you're already working, they do little to protect individuals seeking jobs. Many employers perform background or credit checks on prospective employees. They make their job offer contingent upon your successful passing of these. An employer that discovers that you've filed for bankruptcy may pass you up for a job.

While not all employers will use your filing for bankruptcy against you, those who employ people in financial-oriented fields may. They may question your ability to manage others' finances if you can't handle your own.

Governments are generally prohibited from allowing bankruptcy to affect their hiring and firing decisions.

It's possible to keep your filing of Chapter 7 bankruptcy to yourself. Most employers have no way of finding out about your bankruptcy unless you have a wage garnishment start or stop.

Many individuals who made poor financial choices when they were younger end up filing for bankruptcy early on in their adult years. It can be a daunting process though.

If you're concerned about how filing for bankruptcy may impact your ability to start your career and to live a comfortable lifestyle, then a Chapter 7 attorney here in Medina can give you the guidance that you need. They can assist you just as they've helped thousands of people gets a fresh start elsewhere in Ohio.

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