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Help! I'm deeply in debt and can't find my way out

Many of us have been there, overwhelmed by mounting piles of debts we are unable to pay down. It can be daunting to realize that you have few alternatives left to help you climb out of the financial pit.

But, sometimes, you may have options that you haven't yet considered. However, it may be necessary to start thinking outside of the box. Below are some debt relief suggestions you may want to try.

Take on additional work

Moonlighting on a second shift is one way to bring home more bacon. If you don't want to tie yourself down with a steady second job, you could seek work as an independent contractor and only work when it's feasible with your day job. Tutoring, driving for ride-share companies and mystery shopping are all good ways to earn a few extra dollars each month.

Cut back — way back

This goes beyond skipping the extra shot of espresso in your daily skinny latte on the way to work. We are talking DIY haircuts (or letting it grow out), repairing instead of replacing damaged household items and just saying no to all paid subscriptions. You might even have to forgo your WiFi connection for now and start making use of the free WiFi available at the Medina branch of the library.

Give the gift of your time

It can be especially difficult to curb spending just as we're approaching the major gift-giving holidays. But there is one priceless gift that you can give to friends and loved ones that has no price tag — your time.

For kids, this can mean a day of unstructured play on their terms, as long as it involves no money. For siblings, it might mean offering to babysit for a few evenings while they share date night with their spouses. Older relatives might appreciate an afternoon or three devoted to chores that they now struggle to complete.

When cutting back is not enough

Despite all your best efforts, you may still not save enough money to get and keep yourself out of debt. Those in this position may want to consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We can help you assess your options and discover the best solution to your debt relief dilemmas.

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