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Keep in mind that the Ohio foreclosure process moves fast

If you're behind on your mortgage and are concerned about losing your home, then you must act fast. The foreclosure process here in Medina and elsewhere in Ohio moves quickly. A mere 180 days may elapse between you being you falling behind on payments and the sheriff's office telling you to vacate your property. There are milestones that you can plan for at every step of the Ohio foreclosure process.

Your lender will generally wait until you're as much as 90 days behind on your mortgage before deciding to take any legal action against you. The foreclosure process is considered to have officially begun once your lender files their complaint against you. Most Ohio jurisdictions afford homeowners 28 days to respond to the bank's filing.

A bank can request a judge to enter in a default judgment if the homeowner fails to respond to their complaint within 30 days after the 28-day response period elapses. Bank attorneys can then file a praecipe with the court clerk after this. If a judge signs off on it, then the lender can sell the property.

Lenders only have to wait three days for the praecipe to be delivered to the sheriff. A sale date for the home will be set following this. That date will be advertised in the local newspaper for the next five weeks. The lender will order and complete an appraisal. The home will then be sold by the sheriff's office to the highest bidder.

A lot happens during the next 30 to 60 days after a sale is finalized. The sheriff's office will complete confirmation of the sale. The law enforcement agency will issue their very own sheriff's deed and provide the new owner with a writ of possession.

The sheriff will then notify the current inhabitants of the home to vacate the property within 10 to 14 business days. They may extend that timeline by two weeks in some rare instances.

It can be scary when you receive notification from your bank that you've fallen behind on your mortgage and that they're looking to take your home back from you. You should know that your lender is likely willing to work with you to keep you in your house. An attorney can help you negotiate with them, and if necessary, assist you as they've helped thousands of people get a fresh start.

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