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Federal bankruptcy laws: Chapter 7 exemptions

Chapter 7 bankruptcy filers will not have to sell "all" of their personal property to pay off their bills. In fact, most bankruptcy filers benefit from being able to keep more "exempt" property than they imagined before engaging in the process. Determining what property is exempt from the Chapter 7 process will depend on the laws that apply to the proceedings.

New Ohio program shows the need for affordable bankruptcy

It is a big part of the American Dream to have assets. The most popular one is a home, and it was expected for much of the 20th century that families would strive to own their own home. So it often feels like a nightmare when assets turn into liabilities and families have to leave them behind.

Toledo region sees bankruptcy increase in recent months

Ohio is used to good times and bad times, and Ohioans often have the experience of both. It was easy for Buckeyes to earn a good wage in manufacturing or agriculture for decades, while the Great Recession sucked the wind out of the region's sales after years of job losses.

Bankruptcy filings rise in parts of Ohio

Severe debt can lead to a variety of problems, from diminished spending ability to constant calls from creditors. Although bankruptcy often comes with an undue stigma, the process can help people wipe away previous financial problems and get on the right path to financial health.

Legal representation for bankruptcy remains important

It is never easy to deal with mounting debt. The number of Ohioans dealing with large debts has gone down since the darker days of the Great Recession, but there is still a significant number of people and families struggling with staying current with payments and being hounded by creditors.

Protecting assets and benefits from bankruptcy

No one wants to file for bankruptcy. The word itself seems to have social connotations as well as financial, as if a person is admitting failure. However, the truth is far from that assumption; bankruptcy can be the beginning of a path to success out of debt and harassment by creditors.

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