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Consolidate credit payments if you're swimming in debt

Sitting down to take a look at your finances can be a harrowing experience. For some people, there's more due at the end of the month than what they bring home. In these cases, an emphasis must be placed on the essential bills like housing and food. This can lead to credit card, medical and similar accounts going unpaid.

What are some debt relief scams that consumers should avoid?

One of the primary responsibilities of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is to protect U.S. consumers from predatory advertising. This federal office has previously issued public notices warning Americans of credit repair or debt relief service scams. It's in those statements that the FTC has tried to impart some practical advice aimed at helping consumers from falling victim to such predatory practices.

Are you addicted to shopping?

Just like someone can get addicted to alcohol or gambling, did you know that you can get addicted to shopping? It gives you some of the same sense of gratification, and many people do it in order to cope with stress or emotional issues in their lives.

Is there a way to spot a debt relief scam?

Insurmountable debt is a huge problem for many Ohio residents. Unfortunately, a large number of unscrupulous individuals are poised to take advantage of those looking to get a handle on their debt. Debt relief scams victimize uncountable state residents each year, leaving them even more devastated than they already were.

There are options for resolving your medical debt

Medical debt is one of the leading reasons that individuals end up filing for bankruptcy here in Ohio and elsewhere in the country. This doesn't have to be the only result if you incur unexpected medical expenses though. There may be other options that you can pursue that won't ravage your credit as much and allow you to keep a hold on your possessions.

Student debt gets more attention from companies and governments

Debt has a way of making people feel like failures when they're in it. But there are a lot of reasons that someone may face a debt they cannot pay in the allotted time. It is often because someone made the attempt to improve oneself or one's business and things did not go as planned.

What exactly is business reorganization?

If your company is struggling to stay afloat because its leadership has made bad investment choices, then you may have discovered that there are a variety of debt relief options that are available to you aimed at helping you get things back on track once again. One option that has discovered that may aid you in making your debt more manageable is filing for Chapter 11 business "reorganization" bankruptcy.

Don't ignore the medical bills: How to face your debt head on

Even if you have health insurance, a serious illness or an accident that leaves you with injuries can cause your medical bills to pile up – and fast – when you consider deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance. You can't afford to pay those bills, especially if you lost income while dealing with the illness or injury.

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