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Don't become a victim of foreclosure fraud

If you think back to when you first purchased your home, you'll probably remember your Ohio title company having you review and sign a variety of documents. The foreclosure process is just as paperwork-heavy as the closing process. It's when you're in your most vulnerable financial state while you're facing foreclosure that you're most apt to be defrauded by others.

During foreclosure, never ignore communication

Odds are, if you're facing foreclosure, you knew it was an issue long before you got that first notice. While there are cases where people feel surprised that their home is being taken back by the bank, most people are well aware that they have been missing payments. They know the potential ramifications. They just do not feel like they have any other options.

Will your lender modify a loan?

You think that you're going to go into foreclosure in the near future. Maybe you just lost your job. You got a part-time job to replace it, but you know it's not enough to pay the bills. Of course, you believe you'll have another full-time job in the future, but you anticipate a few months with far less income. If you miss all of those mortgage payments, you know you may lose your home.

One reason for foreclosure: Your health

When you hear that someone's home is in foreclosure, what do you think is the reason? Do you wonder if they got themselves into overwhelming debt through poor purchasing decisions? Do you assume they bought a home they could never really afford? Or maybe the breadwinner recently lost their job?

Akron commercial district saved from foreclosure

Debt has made failure to keep on mortgages a real problem across Ohio. Cuyahoga County, home to Cleveland and Euclid, has been in the top ten counties for foreclosure nationwide in recent years. Fortunately, the risk has been dropping even though the ranking has not moved.

Could bankruptcy actually help with foreclosure proceedings?

Falling behind on your bills can impact your credit. Falling behind on your mortgage can impact your ability to remain a homeowner. Regardless of why you find yourself struggling to make your mortgage payment, your bank will likely only give you so much leeway before they start taking action. Efforts to collect on that debt could include foreclosure on your property.

Could you benefit from foreclosure affidavits and robo-signing?

When a bank or loan holder applies to foreclose on a property, there is a tremendous amount of paperwork that the loan officer needs to review. An important document that is included with this paperwork is a foreclosure affidavit. This affidavit is signed by the loan servicer as a way of verifying that he or she has reviewed and double-checked the accuracy of all the foreclosure documents submitted.

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