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What are the requirements for Chapter 13 bankruptcy eligibility?

Before deciding to commit to a bankruptcy filing, you will need to go through the process of choosing which bankruptcy Chapter to file for. This is not always simple, because you will need to decide which bankruptcy Chapter would work best for you, and figure out whether you are eligible.

What is a zero-based budget?

You file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You know that means that you're going to have to make monthly payments on the balance of the debt until you pay it back. Since you have a steady income, you know it's possible.

Why is Chapter 13 bankruptcy called a wage earner's plan?

Bankruptcy is a means by which overwhelmed individuals and businesses can seek financial forgiveness. In order to protect the interests of companies that extend credit, the federal government has certain rules and restrictions in place regarding bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide you with financial stability

A bankruptcy filing is something often viewed as a negative event in a person's life. This doesn't have to be the case. If you are considering filing for Chapter 13 to reclaim your financial future, you should look at this as a good opportunity to start fresh. We understand that you might have questions that you need answered. We are here to help ensure you understand the process so that you can get things going quickly.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy often chosen for longer payment plans

Bankruptcy is sometimes a hard word to hear, but it can be a new beginning after difficulty with debt. Despite the importance of understanding bankruptcy, many myths persist about it that can damage someone's chances of learning how to manage extreme debt.

New Ohio bankruptcy ruling complicates mortgage modifications

Debt is never easy to deal with, and bankruptcy is designed to make excessive debt possible to recover from. The two main types of personal bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, allow for people to maintain some assets during the recovery process or allow a trustee to sell assets off and settle debts.

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