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Foreclosure is still a spectre in the Cleveland region

Debts are often a part of life in America for all classes, and there are many tools to recover from the problem. One of the worst forms of debt is foreclosure, which often takes away a family's most valuable asset as well as their home at the same time.

Ohio still suffers high rates of foreclosure

Owning a home is a big part of the American Dream, and there are many financial services designed to make this more doable for working people and families. Unfortunately, there are still high rates of failure to maintain mortgages and home loans that let people keep their homes.

Foreclosures drop in the most at-risk counties in Ohio

It is difficult to consider becoming a renter - or worse - once a person or family has bought a home. It is undeniable that owning one's own property is part of the American Dream, and foreclosure or other loss of property due to financial distress is one of life's greatest nightmares.

Foreclosures may rise in Ohio real estate markets

Few problems are more daunting than the possibility of losing a home, especially if a family has invested a great deal in its purchase and maintenance. Foreclosure is rare, but the specter of repossession has been close behind since the beginning of the Great Recession.

A guide to the Ohio foreclosure process

Home ownership is one of the great accomplishments for American workers and families. After the investment and care that homeowners take in their new abode, there are few times more stressful than the danger of foreclosure -- a mortgage lender reclaiming the property after nonpayment of scheduled loan maintenance.

New foreclosure study shows risks for Ohio borrowers

Foreclosures became a sad fact of life during the Great Recession, with high levels of people losing their homes to defaults and bank seizures in the years following 2008. New evidence shows the market is recovering for borrowers, although dangers remain for homeowners facing financial challenges.

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